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According to my CV, I have 12 years of professional experience. I turn 36 this year. It’s bizarre because part of me still feels like a student as I am continuously learning and part of me feels like 350 because of all the unbelievable experiences I’ve been through, but my actual age is 35, and I have just progressed from a Regional ISO Lead Implementer to a Regional Information Security Officer.

I’ve heard people say that your age defines your career and you should be so and so to start your CISO – Chief Information Security Officer – career. So, I’ll post on here my findings on what I consider helped me evolve through my professional journey. I also thought I’d share some lessons I’ve learned, because it’s International Women’s Day! #sharingiscaring


Read more on my blog: https://woman-in-cyber.com/2019/03/08/10-things-i-learned-being-a-women-in-cyber/


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