Amel Rigneau – Women in FrenchTech

6 months have past since La FrenchTech Singapore has launched its “Women in FrenchTech” initiative. We have met fantastic people, did lot of brainstorming, achieved great things as an ever growing team, and now working on exciting projects for the future. We couldn’t think of a better time to shed more light on this initiative’s genesis and its evolution. We sat down with Amel Rigneau to find out about challenges women face here in Singapore, especially in Tech, and how this initiative will make a difference.

#StartupOfTheWeek – Powata

Entrepreneurs like to juggle many balls, they say. Well Powata is the 3rd venture of Jean-Christophe Bouglé and Sophie Normand so it certainly true for them! Let's hear their views on the challenge in the retail industry and the huge opportunity in front of them.

#StartupOfTheWeek – H3Dynamics

H3 Dynamics has something special. First because they've been lining-up awards recently, second because they're about to close their Series B funding of US$16M, and third because they have a masterplan that goes way beyond drones! A great conversation with Taras Wankewycz, Founder and CEO, talking about fuel cells, drones, China, Trump and Kanye West 😎!

#StartupOfTheWeek – DominoPOS

Retail is a huge market in Asia. But the diversity of Asian countries make it a challenge to properly address it. Let's hear the study of Bruno Zysman, who's been in the frontlines for the last 25 years. I bet you have a few things to learn!

#StartupOfTheWeek – Toku World

Toku World is a cloud B2B communication platform founded in 2018. After 5 quarters of nice growth, they’re raising funds for a Series A. After a final at Echelon 2019 and semi final at the French Founders Startup Tour, hopefully they’re on a good trajectory. Interview with Thomas Laboulle, CEO.

Ascent Flights

Startup Of The Week – Ascent

Mobility has been an incredibly hot topic for several years -Just think about the flurry of ride-hailing apps in most countries worldwide! But one mode of transportation largely remains untapped: helicopters. We sat down with Ascent, a startup who is changing this.


#StartupOfTheWeek – BeeBryte

BeeBryte is a French startup focused on a problem we all care about: energy consumption in buildings. They have developed a solution based on artificial intelligence to improve just that. Interview with Elodie Hecq, Managing Director Asia.