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Yoann Fol
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Affiliate in Impact / Business developer / Growth
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Because challenging times should never stop collaboration, help us to have a bigger impact supporting purpose-driven projects and be rewarded for that.

Jobs and revenue can be a challenge those days with the virus, but in our dream, you win, we win, the organizations win and we use those opportunities to empower less privileged communities! So, we all win!

This is not a traditional job, this a way to partner for a better world! You earn a commission on all our sales coming from your actions, working from anywhere!
The only thing is that we are focusing on projects having a positive social and/or environmental impact!

Help us to achieve this dream of accelerating all social innovations with Data projects🚀

Details here: https://bit.ly/DathappyAffiliateProgram-yf
Referral code (when you join): YFT2004

Do not hesitate if you have any questions and I hope you are all safe!

(Make sure you apply on the form within the presentation to become officially an affiliate for Good!)

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28C Stanley street