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Energy Production Capacity will double from 6,718GW to 13,919GW. In 2040, 86% of Energy Investment will be in Renewable Energy representing 3.3Trillion USD investment in Wind Energy and 2.8Trillion USD investment in Solar Energy. In 2017, Solar and Wind became the Cheapest Sources of Energy. We observe a drastic Shift from large fossil fuel infrastructure to smaller Solar and Wind distributed assets (from 0,5MW to 50MW). In China alone, in 2017, 19GW of these small / mid-size projects were installed (all-time high), representing a 19B USD investment. By 2040, the world-wide market for these small to Mid-size projects will reach 100BUSD. Asia alone will attract 40% of these investments. It represents a fantastic business opportunity for Positive Energy Ltd.

Small to mid-size project financing is a long, costly and complex process involving various intermediaries. Investors and project developers face fundamental problems resulting from the initial deal sourcing to a lack of transparency in project and service pricing, the use of numerous and diverse sets of data, culture misalignment, a decentralized workflow and high transaction costs. As a consequence a lot of projects do not get funded and a lot of traditional investors of the energy sector are missing out this opportunity. 

We provide the first blockchain based asset financing, trading and management platform, that addresses these issues by digitalizing the transaction workflow making green investments fast, liquid and economically viable for all parties involved.  Our platform is :
- a market place matching owners or developers of solar and wind projects with institutional investors,
- a digital collaboration tool facilitating and accelerating the due diligence process,
- a way for both parties to maximize opportunities, to reduce time-to-finance, and lower transaction costs.

Climate Change is here. In spite of the Paris Agreement at COP21, there is still a Gap of ~30 Gigatons of Greenhouse Gas Emission saving to maintain temperature increase below 2ºC. By 2040. We believe that unleashing renewable energy finance is the key to a greener planet for ourselves and the next generations. 

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