Transitive Trust in Artificial Intelligence

Philippe Beaudoin is a co-founder and head of applied research at Element AI, a company founded on the belief that humans and machines can work smarter together and that this synergy can help humans focus on the tasks that they find most meaningful.

An essential challenge on that path, says Philippe, is working towards transitive trust in Artificial Intelligence - by helping humans understand how AI systems work and how these systems actually use the data we feed them to make decisions.

Making global change visible, accessible and actionable

Robbie Schingler is a co-founder of Planet Labs, a company that seeks to image the entire world every day in order to make global change visible, accessible and actionable.

Robbie explains how his company strives to help humanity live more resiliently as a species on this planet.

Jumpster : "WE invest, YOU accelerate"

Sebastien de Peretti, co-founder of Jumpster, doesn't just help his clients find customers and gain traction in the Southeast Asia market - He furthers their development by co-investing and finding local partners to accelerate even further.

Jumpster isn't afraid to have skin in the game. Sebastien discusses the many benefits of Jumpster's unique approach, and also touches on the enormous synergies and opportunities in the Singaporean ecosystem.

Trade Easy: Taking international trading into the 21st century

International trading is one of the oldest jobs in the world, and in many aspects it hasn't changed since the beginning of the 20th century. It's an industry abound with inefficiencies.

Adrien Montoile, co-founder of Trade Easy, explains how his company tries to improve on these inefficiencies and help traders - the cog of the international trading system - save money, save time, increase volume and increase customer satisfaction.

Chekk: smoother interactions between financial institutions and their customers

Interactions between financial institutions and their retail and corporate customers are hardly frictionless. High costs, long processing times and subpar customer experiences abound.

Pascal Nizri, founder and CEO of Chekk explains how his company helps banks solve these issues and empowers them to enable smoother and less costly interactions with their clients.

CAAREA: enhances insurers' value chains in the automotive industry

Cars notoriously lose much of their value the moment they leave the parking lot. From an insurance perspective, such assets require specific types of coverage based on specialized underwriting.

Eric de Lassus, International Business Development Director at CAAREA, explains how his company helps insurers deal with such issues. He also discusses some of the trends in Asia when it comes to car ownership.