Guide des Affaires à Singapour 2018

Dive into Singapore business ecosystem by purchasing Business France’s Business Guide to Singapore (50€ - French only). An excellent way to kick off your expansion to South East Asia.


Export to South East Asia

Find commercial partners in target markets, sign trading agreements and generate sustainable export growth.

Incorporate your business

Setting up a business in Singapore is a relatively easy and quick process here, but you'll need a corporate secretary and support to navigate the local market specificities and legal requirements.

Find Growth Partners

Nothing like an expert on your vertical in the region to open the doors for you and trigger growth in a new market.

Find Investors

There are limits to bootstrapping your business. When time comes for scaling fast, you'll want to knock at this door.

Recruit top talents

You need a dream team to grow a business like a boss. This is where employers and talents meet.

Leverage local schemes

There are a number of initiatives from the Singapore Government to support startups. Find out which ones may be available to you.