La FrenchTech Investor Syndicate is the network where FrenchTech investors meet with FrenchTech start ups.

check.pngLa FrenchTech Investor Syndicate is open to all FrenchTech-friendly investors from Business Angels to Late stage investors.
check.pngTo date the members of the syndicate have funded over 20 startups and invested over 25mSGD

To help French Tech startups to develop in Singapore, we have created a French Tech Syndicate.

Who we are

Experienced business angels based in Singapore, with a very diverse set of background and network, who believe in helping FrenchTech entrepreneurs to finance their early stage development and help them accelerating their growth.
Fields of expertise encompass entrepreneurship, business strategy, corporate ventures, financing, venture capital, sales & business development, engineering, recruitment etc.
To date the 20 members of the FrenchTech Syndicate have invested in over 15 startups and invested over 15mSGD

What are we looking for

Investing at early stage companies (Seeds/Series A), with high potential in the ASEAN region (no need to be incorporated in Singapore)
Promoting the FrenchTech values, either by promoting French Technologies, French individuals, or French technical expertise.
New members that share these values are also welcome - don’t need to be from France nor speak French to join!

How does it work

You can get in contact with the whole group ( or with a particular investor you think can be meaningful to your particular business, authorising him to share the information with the rest of the members - we shall keep your information confidential and not share it outside the syndicate
Members typically invest individually on in a group of Business Angels through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), which allows to simplify the management of early stage investors while benefiting from a wealth of advising, expertise and connections as the company grow.

We can provide investment for Seeds/Early stage round (100k-1500kSGD) and could support the company in following round.

Typical individual tickets range from 10k to 250kSGD.

Portfolio Companies

FrenchTech Syndicate Members

no-strings.pngNo Strings AttachedThere are no fees or minimum commitment to join
PrivacyInvestors will not be able to see your contact information until you agree to be connected to them
global.pngGlobalWe are open to global companies and it is not required for you to
come to Singapore
open-platform.pngOpen PlatformThere’s no joining fees involved or commitment to deal with companies you discover through the process.