Based on its vision of a changing world, Maltem‘s international ecosystem get together complementary high-level expertise to support our clients through their digital transformation. Using agile methodologies and strong interpersonal skills, our teams always strive for efficient delivery, delightful user experience and strong performance results.

Aurexia is a management consulting firm located in London, Paris, Luxembourg and in Asia. We operate exclusively in the financial services and have a full coverage of the industry through our dedicated practices : Capital Markets, Transaction Banking, Securities Services, Asset Management, Private Banking, Retail Banking, Finance, Risk and Insurance.

WeAre Innovation Hub

Zenika is specialized in software architecture and Agile methods with a threefold-expertise in consulting, realization and training. Our team of consultants is involved in both realization and consulting engagements. We are also technical instructors in key accounts, SMEs or startups across all industries.