Regularly, experienced Frenchies following Madame or Monsieur to Singapore, or simply looking for new experiences on their own, or seeking to jump ships, are talking to us about their professional projects. Meaning we (not-so-secretly) hold a pile of valuable resumes that we’d love you to consider for your next hires.

If you’re a job seeker, fill this form as fast as you can, then introduce yourself on the Talent Exchange group on WhatsApp. Recruiters (companies + headhunters) regularly screen the group for their open positions.

If you’re looking for your next hire, join the Talent Exchange group on WhatsApp, introduce yourself, post a link to the job description of your open positions and explain how to apply. Alternatively, you can post a list of the profiles you’re looking for and your email to see how fast can an inbox implode 😉

If you’re a French-Founded HR Tech company or a French headhunter and you think this could be done better, we agree. Get in touch and let’s talk 😉

Currently, we have talents with experiences from 3 to 20 years in various industries, with a DP, EP, S-Pass or no visa, from Business Dev, to Account Managers, Marketers, Project Managers, Finance and others. There must be one for you!