Today is an exciting day: we’re launching a new series of articles to shed some light on the gems of La FrenchTech Singapore. Every Monday we’ll share a startup story so that you can get to know our community.

This week we spent some time with Nilo Quiroz and Carole Martinez from WYZChef, a brand new startup who will be accelerated at BACECAMP starting April 2nd. Let’s dive into it!

First things first, what is WYZChef?

Carole: WYZChef is a B2B platform that analyses data to simplify and personalize office catering services based on previous preferences. It saves administrators between 6-10 hours per week and helps restaurants to increase sales, improve in marketing, operations and finance without exploiting them like other platforms.

Nilo: Today when admins or personal assistants have to organize a lunch or dinner, they have to go thru a lot of repetitive, manual and boring tasks: reading reviews, analyzing photos of food, searching for a place that fits their budget, and even accommodating everyone’s dietary restrictions.

Carole: Our platform will automatically help them choose their next meal “wisely” using a smart digital voice assistant. This will allow them to have a quick and personalized food experience that fulfills all their needs.

Who’s behind WYZChef?

Carole: We have a strong team and we all worked together on our previous venture. Our strength comes from our diversity (from 6 countries!) and our unique combination of expertise. That makes us a strong and fun gang!

So Nilo, how did you come up with this idea?

Nilo: Well we run a B2B catering franchise called “Corporate Caterers” in Houston, Texas since a few years back, that’s how we know this industry well. We grew it from zero to almost $3M in 4 years and it is owned by the current co-founders of WYZchef.

During an MBA trip in Singapore I was amazed by the city and I had an “Aha moment” while visiting several companies and saw problems about organizing food during meetings, the same problems we have solved in Houston.

I had a lot of discussions with my partners in the USA and the dots connected as they had the same issue. So we just saw an opportunity for innovation in this process, leading to the creation of WYZchef as the next digital revolution for B2B marketplaces.

What stage is WYZChef?

Nilo: From a product perspective, we just finished our MVP from France and we’re coming to Singapore on March 29th  to incorporate! We’re very excited, because we’ve been selected to follow the BACECAMP program by ACE incubator next month. The plan is to run our beta phase as we already have clients willing to try us there.

On the business side , we are in talks to partner with companies like SAP, Routific, Velove, Google and Grab for integration with our platform. We’ve also continuously been doing market research in Singapore with our target corporations since Summer 2018, and we have a total of 50 qualified leads in Singapore with letters of interest from corporations and restaurants who are ready to try our MVP once we launch the beta phase.

Today, our main goal will be to raise funds to have enough for the 12 months runway of operations in Singapore.

Welcome to the family!

Nilo: Thanks! Since I visited Singapore, I saw La FrenchTech as a key community for us in Singapore. I believe being an active member is a unique asset in this business experience and it can help us to knock on many new doors that will open opportunities for us to change this world.

If you’d like to know more

Here’s a few resources about WYZChef:

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