Amel Rigneau – Women in FrenchTech

6 months have past since La FrenchTech Singapore has launched its “Women in FrenchTech” initiative. We have met fantastic people, did lot of brainstorming, achieved great things as an ever growing team, and now working on exciting projects for the future. We couldn’t think of a better time to shed more light on this initiative’s genesis and its evolution. We sat down with Amel Rigneau to find out about challenges women face here in Singapore, especially in Tech, and how this initiative will make a difference.

Sigrid Rouam – Data Analytics in Fintech

From genomic sequencing to finance or FMCG, Sigrid has been working in data science for many years. She shares invaluable insights on building the right team, dealing with a pace of change in technology, or the constant need to educate organizations on data science. Buckle-up!