Less than 10% of startups’ founders or VCs or even CEOs are females.
But things are changing!
A rising number of non profit associations and women powered groups are currently active in Singapore among Corporates, Institutions or associations.
We believe that when women are equally involved in corporate / operational / financial decision making, the outcome could be different. We believe in diversity of thinking and in gender parity. The tech world is fast paced, curious and creative. We also want it to be at the cutting-edge of social development and fairness.

We are called Women in FrenchTech, but we are much more than French women in Tech. We are women and men from diverse nationalities pushing for diversity on a day-to-day basis. We have many volunteers, advocates from different origins. And we want to involve anyone who feels the same urge.
On the business level, we want to be a facilitator between Europe, Amerique and Asia through our worldwide FrenchTech network.

We are already involved in many initiatives and more are coming
- Every week, we highlight one female talent through published interviews or podcasts
- We promote female speakers or female talents in our events, challenges or through partnership with others associations, organisations
- We believe investment is key for startups and female founders, so we organize events and hand-on workshops for women

There are many ways to get involved in our adventure. You may
- subscribe to our newsletter
- follow us on facebook or linkedin
- help us with current or upcoming projects
- be a speaker at our event
- have contacts or introductions to diversify your pipeline of startups
- become partner

We want to do more…
So get in touch with us if you have an idea or a need email us womenfrenchtech at gmail dot com

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