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The Asia Startup Summit is back!

Taking place on May 30th, this premier event is organized by The French Chamber of Singapore in collaboration with the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), Team France Export, and La French Tech Singapore.

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Elevate Your Startup Connect and Grow

La French Tech Singapore is a non-profit organization that brings together French entrepreneurs, investors, advisors, and startup enthusiasts with a shared interest in Singapore's thriving tech industry.

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In 2023, La French Tech celebrated its 10th anniversary! 🎊

Celebrating our 10-year Anniversary 🎈

Welcome to La French Tech Singapore!



Join our community thematic Chapters to network with fellow entrepreneurs & tech enthusiasts(not restricted to French!), and get access to our WhatsApp Community. 



Check out our happenings for the next events to meetup the community


French Tech Startups Directory

Discover French tech Singapore ecosystem startups



Get an overview of our existing partners, and reach out if you are interested to partner and grow the community.

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Resources for expansion

Get access to resources for entrepreneurs in Singapore, such as articles, videos and podcasts, and partners for expansion in Singapore

If you are a Singaporean startup interested to expand to France and Europe, find some resources on how to get started.


Check out our interview podcasts with our entrepreneurs!


Robbie Schingler is a co-founder of Planet Labs, a company that seeks to image the entire world every day in order to make global change visible, accessible and actionable.

Robbie explains how his company strives to help humanity live more resiliently as a species on this planet.


Philippe Beaudoin is a co-founder and head of applied research at Element AI, a company founded on the belief that humans and machines can work smarter together and that this synergy can help humans focus on the tasks that they find most meaningful.

An essential challenge on that path, says Philippe, is working towards transitive trust in Artificial Intelligence - by helping humans understand how AI systems work and how these systems actually use the data we feed them to make decisions.


Sebastien de Peretti, co-founder of Jumpster, doesn't just help his clients find customers and gain traction in the Southeast Asia market - He furthers their development by co-investing and finding local partners to accelerate even further.

Jumpster isn't afraid to have skin in the game. Sebastien discusses the many benefits of Jumpster's unique approach, and also touches on the enormous synergies and opportunities in the Singaporean ecosystem.


What we stand for


We believe in the power of collaboration and community sharing, staying connected and informed. Individual contributions reach their full potential when shared and connected with others


We create inclusive ecosystems that value diversity and foster a positive atmosphere of trust and respect for all.



Initiatives come from everyone, not just the top. We take ownership of projects and prioritize action to remain lean.


Singapore is home to 110+ French Tech startups

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We’re proud to be celebrating 10 years of French Tech together! This first decade has demonstrated the capacity of our ecosystem to become a real driver of the economy and to anchor its innovations in the daily lives of the French people.
Eric Barbier
Eric Barbier, President of La French Tech Singapore

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Shaun Benson, Marketing Manager, Agriflora Inc.