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Who We Are

We bridge the French and Singaporean entrepreneurial ecosystems through networking events, knowledge exchange and contact sharing and aim to provide a focal point for the French entrepreneurial ecosystem in Singapore to boost the development of French start-ups seeking to establish a presence here.

La French Tech encompasses all start-ups, i.e. all growth companies that share a global ambition, at every stage in their development, from embryonic firms to growing start-ups with several hundred employees and their sights set on the international market.

Launched in 2014 by the French government, "La French Tech" is a global initiative and a collective brand with the ambition to give visibility to French tech entrepreneurs and French know-how around the world. This movement is locally driven by its members in each major city, in coordination with other French Tech communities to create a global network of people who can support each other. 

To know more about La French Tech in France and in the world, check out our global website.

Our Mission

  • Facilitate introductions between entrepreneurs/corporates based in Singapore and French entrepreneurs looking to expand their business in Singapore.
  • Promote Start-ups with French / French-speaking founders or senior managers and operating in Singapore to investors, institutions, clients and job seekers.
  • Reference public and private initiatives and organisations that support French startups expanding in Singapore.
  • Be the entry point for Singaporean investors, companies, and engineers who are willing to explore new opportunities in France.
Our values
Our history


Data, IA & Analytics

Welcome to the Data, AI & Analytics Community – your hub for cutting-edge discussions on data-driven insights and artificial intelligence. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a curious enthusiast, join us to stay informed, share knowledge, and drive innovation in the dynamic realm of Data, AI & Analytics. 

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Singapore: A Global Leader in AI Innovation and Integration

Singapore is a key player in AI innovation, using it across sectors for efficiency and growth. With government support and cross-sector collaboration, it's a hub for AI-driven solutions in urban planning, healthcare, and finance, positioning itself as a global leader in integrating AI for societal advancement.

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