At La French Tech Singapore, everything we do is inclusive, collaborative and result from individuals contributions from members of our network. That’s why we value actions much more than opinions!

As a startup & entrepreneur community, we do things the lean way: build, launch, learn & improve. We think done is better than perfect, believe in the power of decentralisation and we never cease to be surprised by the value and expertise of our contributors. This includes this website and this very page.

Here are the long term initiatives currently running, but you might want to have a look at the event page, too:
– Cyber & Security: Did you know France has some of the best (white) hackers and expert in digital security? Join this group if you’re one of them, if you want to feel safe or if you want to learn about the biggest cyber-threats coming our way. To join the conversation get in touch:

– FT Blockchain: After the hype of Blockchain few years ago, real adoption of this innovative technology has finally materialised in banking, finance, law enforcement, energy, insurance, real estate, supply chain management, healthcare …and practically every other business sector. Join this new friendly group to discuss, share and network together on how Blockchain technology is transforming our daily life and business.To join the conversation on WhatsApp:

– FinTech: Startups, bankers and other finance professionals & groupies from the community meet in this group. Join the WhatsApp conversation:

– A.I. & Data Science: 
Our ability to leverage data is rapidly changing the world. If you want to connect with the people powering the data revolution in Singapore, join this WhatsApp group:

– French Tech APAC / Market Access: La French Tech is a global network, with a lot of communities throughout Asia Pacific. And since Singapore in itself is hardly a market for ambitious entrepreneurs, we created a bridge to help you get insights from entrepreneurs living in our surroundings: Vietnam, Cambodia, Shanghai, Thailand, Sydney, Taiwan, Korean, Japan, Hong Kong & Shenzhen, Jakarta, Manila… We organise a monthly call to exchange on the subject, but first, what don’t you join the conversation on WhatsApp:

– Women in Tech APAC: To join the conversation and get in touch with the region: Vietnam, Cambodia, Shanghai, Thailand, Sydney, Taiwan, Korean, Japan, Hong Kong & Shenzhen, Jakarta, Manila… More info here

– FrenchTech for Good: a group of professionals working or interested in the power of tech to generate a sustainable impact, equal opportunities and financial inclusion. Join the WhatsApp conversation:

– FrenchTech Videos & Podcast & Startup of the week & Female entrepreneurs: Discover the entrepreneurs of Asia Pacific. Some like to listen, so we have a podcast: but some prefer to read, so we also have a blog featuring Startup of the week. and women in tech

– IIoT & Smart City: If you didn’t notice, the industry and the cities are going through their biggest transformation ever and IoT is playing a big role in it. To build a smarter environment for our citizens, join the conversation:

– Investors Syndicate: a French Tech network of business angels and VCs who invest on startups. More info.

– Retail Tech: over 80 retail professionals and brand look for ways to collaborate and together build the future of retail. More info here. You can also join the WhatsApp conversation:

– Talent Exchange: Lots of talents come to Singapore. Either with their +1, either by themselves in search of a new adventure in Asia. On the other hand, lots of startups are looking for talents. See where we headed? So we created a marketplace. For candidates, first, fill in this form: (only shared with recruiters). Then join our group on WhatsApp and introduce yourself:
For recruiters, just join the group, introduce yourself and post your position. Open your umbrella and wait for a rain of talents coming to your inbox (or on the application link). To easily stay informed off which fast-growing French scaleups are hiring in Singapore (FT120 & friends) sign up for our job alerts mailing list:

– Women in Tech Singapore: Less than 10% of startups’ founders or VCs or even CEOs are females. Our dedicated group decided to change that! More info here. To join the conversation, get in touch:

FrenchTech for kids: how to improve the Tech among the new generation, a really wide question join the WhatsApp conversation:

– French Tech Connect: what kind of community would we be if we never met? Fear not. Every first Thursday of the month, we hold a happy hour. It’s the best place to connect with the community, meet the new and the long timers, have a drink and chat about the ecosystem. Some even hold meetings before we kick off, so that they’re not late for the party. Use the tips, and check out where is our next meet up.

– EduTech: Startups, Educator and other professionals & groupies from the community meet in this group. Join the WhatsApp conversation: FTSG

– Product FrenchTech: There is no success without a good product. Whether you are a product leader, product manager, product owner, product designer, product marketer or simply want to learn more about those areas, . Join the WhatsApp

We’re happy to count you as part of this awesome community and we’d love to hear your ideas to keep it growing and improving. How could you possibly leverage this platform?


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