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Who We Are

We bridge the French and Singaporean entrepreneurial ecosystems through networking events, knowledge exchange and contact sharing and aim to provide a focal point for the French entrepreneurial ecosystem in Singapore to boost the development of French start-ups seeking to establish a presence here.

La French Tech encompasses all start-ups, i.e. all growth companies that share a global ambition, at every stage in their development, from embryonic firms to growing start-ups with several hundred employees and their sights set on the international market.

Launched in 2014 by the French government, "La French Tech" is a global initiative and a collective brand with the ambition to give visibility to French tech entrepreneurs and French know-how around the world. This movement is locally driven by its members in each major city, in coordination with other French Tech communities to create a global network of people who can support each other. 

To know more about La French Tech in France and in the world, check out our global website.

Our Mission

  • Facilitate introductions between entrepreneurs/corporates based in Singapore and French entrepreneurs looking to expand their business in Singapore.
  • Promote Start-ups with French / French-speaking founders or senior managers and operating in Singapore to investors, institutions, clients and job seekers.
  • Reference public and private initiatives and organisations that support French startups expanding in Singapore.
  • Be the entry point for Singaporean investors, companies, and engineers who are willing to explore new opportunities in France.
Our values
Our history


Women in Tech

Welcome to the Women in Tech Community - Dedicated to empowering women in tech, French Tech Singapore offers networking, mentorship, and professional development opportunities to promote diversity, inclusion, and career advancement.

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Women in Tech: Breaking Barriers and Leading Innovation in Singapore

Women in Tech drive innovation and progress in Singapore's tech industry with diverse perspectives and valuable contributions. Encouraging more women in tech strengthens Singapore's global tech hub status, promoting gender equality and inclusive solutions in the evolving tech landscape. Recognizing and supporting women's role in shaping technology's future is essential.

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They lead the chapter

Alice Duly
Alice DULY 
Aegis Packaging
Amel Rigneau